Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling Better!

I'm starting to feel like the first trimester sickies are beginning to subside which means it's time to get back to better eating habits and some regular physical activity. While I don't hyper-manage any part of pregnancy I do like to keep a healthy lifestyle so that my energy levels can be nice and high and I can feel good all around. I've found that for myself, staying active and not gaining too much weight (you know, the kind from eating too many chocolate bars!) is key to an easier birth and having the energy needed to take care of a newborn. So I'm off to the kitchen to see what kind of meal plans I can come up with :-) As for exercise, I hate the cold, so it's gonna be me sneaking into my warm bedroom with a DVD an hoping the kids don't kill each other for the 30-60 minutes of mommy time!

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