Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling Movements already :-)

I know it's early, but having had 6 children already, I'm pretty confident about judging what is or isn't baby movements :-) I'm feeling this little one move already! So awesome and so reassuring. It somehow balances out dealing with the all-day-every-day sickies.


the_witty_knitter said...

That is so amazing, isn't it? I have noticed feeling the last two at about 8wks :0 Pretty crazy! It is nice to feel reassured that everything is ok by just those little pops :)

Onessa said...

My dearest friend, I am so happy and have been praying everyday to not be too tired to call or email or write you a note to share my joy with you. My love as always it sounds so amazing and I aways thank God that if and when I am granted my own personal opportunity to have children you will be one of the first people I will call. Just wanted to send you my love today and kissess to the happy family. God Bless and talk soon!