Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Bag of Tricks

Although I am not using a doctor or midwife for prenatal care, I do have an ND that I see for general health. I have issues with digestion and also have an iron deficiency so I am working with my ND to address these issues. I'm taking supplements (my bag of tricks) and I'm on a diet that will help my body during the healing process.

So this is what I am taking daily:

Intestamine - 2 pills twice daily
Calcium/Magnesium - 2 pills daily
Prenatal Vitamins - 2 pills daily
Digestive Enzymes - 2 before each meal (average: 6 daily)
GI Flora (probiotic) - 2 pills daily
Ferrum Phosphoricum cell salt - 2 pills three times a day
Floradix Iron - 1 pill three times a day

For a total of.............. 25 pills a day!

In addition to that I am also taking a tablespoon a day of Udo's Oil for omega fatty acids.

As for my diet, here is what my main focus is in a nutshell:

- whole grains
- yeast free whole grain breads in moderation
- eggs
- fish (from low mercury list)
- fruit in moderation
- beverages are water and herbal teas

For snacking, it's veggies and dips like hummus and guacamole, and also incorporate almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

The main things I'm to avoid are dairy, meat (except fish), nuts, sugars, juices, processed foods, yeast.

The good thing is I'm eating a very healthy diet which is what I want anyway, and also this is a temporary diet and as my body heals I will be able to tolerate more and more foods.

I plan to keep a food journal for about a week to keep an eye on what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. If my camera cooperates then I'll use my blog for the journal.


Tereza said...

I have similar issues with digestion and what helps me is eating mainly raw fruit and veggies. When i feel good I encorpaorate more other stuff.
Hope you find what works!! I know it can be twice as bad during pregnancy!

Angel said...

Hi Tereza!

I find that raw is sometimes even more difficult to digest depending on the veggie. So I do half and half. I'm also limiting my fruit consumption because of yeast/sugar issues. I find that's helping me a lot. Fruit's tough on my system right now, I get incredibly bloated when I eat most fruits. So much to think about when all ya wanna do is rest, you know?!

Tereza said...

yes i know the feeling!!!!