Monday, November 17, 2008

Luv Bug's on the move!

This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy :-) I can't feel the baby from the outside with my hands but if I sit still I can feel little jabs at my pants line! So exciting. When you don't have ultrasounds or dopplers confirming anything along the way you have to wait patiently until you can feel that there's someone alive in there. It's so reassuring. Lord knows my belly's getting bigger. I'm pretty sure I'm looking like my dear friend Christine did when she was closer to 8 months pregnant with her little Corwin. And I've also had plenty of the all-day-sickies to make me *feel* pregnant. But it wasn't until last night when I first felt the repeated tosses and turns of a little tiny person did I really KNOW there's a baby in there... a very alive and well baby!!! I'm sure those with kiddies know exactly what I mean :-) I feel much more justified now with this big bloated belly. It's luv bugs fault.

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