Monday, March 2, 2009

Birth Supply List

A couple of my friends have asked what's on my birth supply list so I figured I'd just post it here.

One thing I have realized over the years is that my birth supply list has remained pretty simple and always more luxury based than a list of medical supplies, this is why I don't bother with homebirth kits that are already made. I don't need sterile gloves, gauze pads, cord clamps, or any of that kind of stuff. I'm more concerned with creating the right mood based on what I know I want and practical supplies to keep clean up to a minimum.

So, I'm making up 2 Rubbermaid type bins, one for supplies and one for mommy and baby items. On the lids I have taped a card which lists the contents of the bin so it will be easy should Ivan need to retrieve something for me. The items that haven't been crossed out are still needing to be purchased (this week, YAY!)

Birth Supply List


*** Birth Pool ***

1. Shower curtain liner x5 – Drop Cloths X2 (protect floor/pool area)

2. Old towel0

3. Sheet x3 (place over plastic on floor)

4. Washcloth x4

5. Trash bag x4

6. Olive Oil

7. Placenta Bowl

8. Lavender (placenta)

9. Sea Salt (placenta)

10. Fish Scale/Ring Sling


1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

2. Postpartum Cloth Pads

3. Peri bottle

4. Mesh panties

5. Clothes (for after)

6. Lip Balm

7. Heating Pad

8. Snacks

9. Water Bottle

10. Motherwart / Emergen-C / Contract Ease / Rescue Remedy

11. Laundry detergent (for my pads)

12. Peroxide x3 (pads)

13. Witch Hazel (wipe solution)


1. Hat

2. shirt

3. Cloth Diapers - Potty - Bowl

4. Baby blanket

5. Thermometer

6. Nail clippers


1. Camera (charged & ready)

2. Emergency Childbirth Book (printed & in birth binder)

3. Music

4. Mirror

5. Beeswax tea light candles x8

6. Beeswax candles large x2

7. Essential Oil diffusers x2

8. Placenta Prints (Christine)

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the_witty_knitter said...

Yay! You are in the homestretch :) I love your birth bins! I am excited for you :D