Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Unassisted Childbirth"

As most of you know by now, Laura Kaplan Shanley, specifically her website with all of it's information, were the turning point for me and my thoughts/beliefs about birth. I've written about that here (and on my last pregnancy blog) before.

Funny thing is... In the past 8+ years of "knowing" her I somehow never managed to get a copy of her book in my hands, which is really strange since I *love* reading! Well, I finally purchased her book "Unassisted Childbirth" and have spent the past couple of weeks reading it. It's a fairly small book but there's a lot of really good morsels in there I have enjoyed chewing on slowly. I know I will be going back and re-reading much of it again.

I'm gonna sound like a broken record here, but what I love about Laura's work is that the focus isn't just on birth alone, in fact, if that's all you get you are really missing out. Rather, her focus is on our character/belief systems/thoughts/etc. that wind up shaping our life experiences, one of them being childbirth. So you could read her book without being pregnant or ever planning on it and STILL walk away incredibly blessed and transformed.

I've been reading what I think are key points to Ivan here and there and they've provoked some deep, lengthy conversations which have blessed us both. This is a must have for the home library!

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