Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on "Nursing Challenges"

It's a new day and I'm feeling much more centered and peaceful.

Have I made peace with the bottle? Sure... as long as it sits on a shelf collecting dust somewhere in the dark LOL!

My final thoughts on the matter yesterday were right on. It was my overdoing it the night before that caused me to be so painful and sensitive yesterday. I was completely fine today. I've nursed him every time he wanted and for however long he wanted to see how my body would respond. Well, I was fine :-) Better than fine actually. I feel great and I'm sure that's thanks to all the resting I did yesterday. So basically I need to slow down and just be pregnant! hee hee. Good thing too, because neither Justus or I have any desire to wean. We both truly love our nursing relationship. We love our special time together. We'll call it quits when we're done and not a second before :-)


Earth Birth Mom said...

I'm glad this worked out for you guys. There are so many benefits to EBF and you both totally deserve all of it. Just slow down mama!!

the_witty_knitter said...

I am so glad that things are better today! You look great, as always, and Jutus looks happy too :D Let me know if you need anything or want to get together; I can come to you and brings treats :D

Angel said...

Thanks for the supportive and encouraging comments Mama's! I'm soooo overjoyed that it was just a simple problem with a simple solution.

Meg - I would *love* a visit! I could just sit and knit with you for a while and be totally content! :-) Of course, snacks would be nice, too! he he