Sunday, March 8, 2009

Diapers & Diaper Bag!!!

I took advantage of our trip to Toronto yesterday and headed over to Diaper-eez. They had a special deal this month that if you spend "x" amount in diapers and/or covers you get their largest diaper pail, 2 diaper pail liners and 6 months worth of deo disks free! (that's all worth over $100!). Well, it wasn't hard to reach that magic number considering I need a whole new stash for this baby! I am really starting to feel like we're getting ready now :-)

I chose:

32 Motherease One Size Bamboo diapers
10 Motherease Bamboo Liners for the diapers
6 Motherease Air Flow covers.

About a month ago I went to Diaper-eez in search of the "Lexie Tote" diaper bag made by Fleurville. I saw one I fell in love with on their website but unfortunately they wouldn't ship to Canada. I had to find a local store that sold them in order to even have a chance at owning one. I pretty much accepted that since Diaper-eez is the only store close enough that has them I will likely end up with a bag that wasn't exactly my first choice but hopefully something I liked well enough. After looking around the store several times and finding a decent second choice, Ivan walks in and says "There's your bag up there isn't it?" Oh, I was SO excited!!! The EXACT one I wanted!!! The lady who rang up our order was so sweet, she gave us a free Ringley for the baby :-)

What's so special about this diaper bag? You can read all about it here.


Christine said...

Love the diaper bag! :) You stylish mama, you!

I can't wait to see those bamboo dipes!

Angel said...

Thanks Mama! Missing you lots!!!

the_witty_knitter said...

Nifty diapers and bag! You are a stylin' mama :D Hope you are enjoying your preparation time!