Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5 Days Old

It was a beautiful day today so I took Nadi out for the first time. We sat in the backyard for about an hour and just enjoyed the fresh air. It was lovely. I'm enjoying skin to skin contact with him any time we are in bed (which is ALL the time except for our trip outside today). It's a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy every moment. I know as soon as he needs to eat, pee and poo because with him so close I can learn his little cues and tend to his needs right away.

I had a very short list of things I "needed" for the baby. With breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and keeping baby in arms, there's very little you actually *need*. So my list was just a couple of outfits, new cloth diapers, towels, washcloths and that's it. Of course, there were the luxury items I wanted just because, like the diaper bag and such. But anyway, my point is, even in the few things I wanted, I'm realizing I got too much. I think we get caught up in the cuteness factor of the baby and baby things, it's pretty hard not to considering the millions of dollars put into marketing baby paraphernalia. Truth is, I want, no I NEED a very primal experience this time. My desire is to rid my mind of all it's ever been exposed to regarding baby's and parenting and trust my instincts to guide the way completely. In doing so, I have already learned that one outfit would've been sufficient. At least in the newborn size! The clothing is an unnecessary layer between Nadi and I. When we lay skin to skin, our bodies provide the necessary warmth to keep us both nice and cozy without getting in the way of the natural bond between mother and child. It's amazing how much you can still learn even after having 6 children already. Not necessarily about the skin to skin, that's not new to me, but the countless ways in which communication is happening between mother and child that you can completely miss if you aren't paying attention! In many ways, I feel like I know nothing at all and somehow at the same time I'm aware that every bit of wisdom is within me.

I'm so grateful for another chance to experience brand new life, to grow and stretch as a mother, and to live the highest life possible with my family.


Michelle said...

It sounds like you are enjoying every minute. I"m so glad.

On a side note Seraphina is gettingso big and girly now. She has changed alot since I first met her when she was about 9 months old at bowling the very first time. I can't believe how long ago that was.

the platts said...

i'm so happy you are still doing your blog. you all look so happy! enjoy!

Angel said...

Wow, Michelle! It has been a long time! :-) Seraphina is something else. I'm amazed by her more and more everyday. She is *very* girly. everything has to be in purple and butterflies/fairies.

Thanks Lisa! With my family so far and scattered I have to keep a blog. I'm so glad to have you and others who stop by and enjoy it. It means a lot to still feel connected! We miss you guys!