Saturday, May 23, 2009


I wanted to post this yesterday when he turned 3 weeks but I couldn't find the plug to get the pics off the camera. Hopefully I'll find it this afternoon.

So Nadi is now 10 lbs 11oz. Even though he was my biggest baby at birth, he is gaining rather slowly compared to the others. Every baby is different I suppose :-) Honestly, I don't mind having a baby who fits into his clothes for more than a week! He sure is eating well though, WOW! The children beg to hold him all day, which is a good thing when it comes time for me to eat or shower because there's never a shortage of hands wanting to hold him. Basically, this baby is never put down :-) which is exactly as it should be.

Nadeus has really taken to doing his business in the potty. He will fuss when he has to go, giving me plenty of time to get him over the bowl. Admittedly, I miss LOTS of his pees, cause OMG can this child pee!!! But poops he will hold in until he's over the bowl. Gotta love mommy spreading his elimination business over the world wide web, huh? I tell ya.

Well... hopefully I'll get those pics up later!

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