Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Meaning Behind the Name...

Nadeus Shen Orion

Nadeus ~ Nadeus is a name Ivan came up with by combining two names and making up something beautiful and original for our son. The "Na" comes from "Na'il" which is Arabic and means "one who is 'one with', to aquire, attain". The "deus" is Latin for "God"

Shen ~
Chinese meaning "spiritual deep thinking" or "introspective"

Orion ~
Akkadian meaning "light of heaven" or Greek meaning "son of light"

Our dear friend William has been emailing me comments about our chosen name so I will include them here because I think it's really neat :-)


William says:

Both Nadeus and Nadi are nice and unique name. I remember Nadi is the title of a meditation CD (Nadi - Pacific Moon). Nadi means "pulse" in Indonesian, and means "a big river" in India.

You know what? I just realize the pronunciation of Nadeus in Chinese means "changes from the inside out".

"Na" - "from heart"; "de(u)" - "gain"; "s" - "spiritual". "de" also means rule of nature. What a great name! How do you guys know Chinese so well?


I, personally, love that Nadi means "big river" in India. I have felt a deep connection to water throughout Nadeus's entire pregnancy and have been referring to him as my little dolphin baby all along. So I think that's kinda neat. It's been killer trying to find dolphin baby toys though. Most are super toxic plastic bath toys! There was a dolphin version similar to "Sophie the Giraffe" which is made of safe, natural rubber and non-toxic paint, but unfortunately the only retailer I know of took them off the website and I can't find it anywhere else :-( So I'm on the hunt for a nice little plush toy.

Anyway, there you have it.


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the_witty_knitter said...

I love, love, LOVE his name! And, all the beautiful, well thought out deep meanings. How wonderful is that? That really impressed Rudy too and he said he wanted to kiss Ivan; not many men take that much time to ponder names, you know? Rudy is the same :)