Monday, May 4, 2009

Days 2 and 3

Nadeus is amazing. I adore this little one. I can spend all day smelling his newness, especially his milk sweet breath. He makes the funniest faces, mostly sticking out his tongue repeatedly and flaring his little nostrils. Ivan's been busy preparing the placenta (post and pictures to come) and I've been busy doing nothing but resting and loving my baby. My healing is going very well. Last night was filled with lots of cramping and contractions but that's a good thing, my body's doing exactly what it needs to.

Is it just me, or does this child look like a little chunk for a newborn?

Here we are just about to wash his hair for the first time.

He's not exactly sure how he feels about that yet.

Ah, all comfy cozy again :-)

Oh, this was the sweetest moment... he just stared into my face for the longest time.

It took him no time at all to figure out milkies are his best friend.

I feel so blessed to have the support that I do! Yesterday I was visited by 3 friends, all of them very special to me. Meg stopped by with her husband and brought me the most beautiful flowers! Brenda came with my FAVORITE treat in hand (soft chocolate chip cookies!!!) and I'm embarrassed to say how many are gone already! And Christine came with a bag full of alcohol and empty glass dropper bottles. Yes, we are *always* up to something! LOL It'll make sense tomorrow.

Christine has been preparing the most delicious healthful meals for me to eat while the rest of the family eats the foods I prepared for them in advance. What a blessing she has been. She's taking care of all the things I either forgot or waited too long to do. Thank goodness one of us has our heads screwed on tightly! :-P

Oh! I need some help... I spelled Nadeus's nickname "Noddy" the way I did so it would be easy for everyone to pronounce it, but how would I spell it to reflect the actual spelling of his name more?

Naddy? (wouldn't this sound more like daddy?)
any other more accurate suggestions welcome here!

Help me out!



Elizabeth said...

I'd go with Naudi or Naudy....what a beautiful boy!

Wudi said...

I'm so glad you sharing all the experience with the world. I would like to ask if you allow me to translate your blog into Chinese, so more Chinese woman will be able to learn from your experience, (including Linda) LOL.

Angel said...

Elizabeth- I think the spellings you suggested would make the beginning of his name sound like the word awe, like the sound in "naughty", but it's actually more like the sound in the words, nod, Todd, rod. kwim? I'm thinking we'll use Nadi, as it seems the best choice for keeping the correct sound/letters.

William- You are most welcome to translate my blog. :-) It's a fantastic idea!

Wudi said...

Nadeus is such a nice and unique name. I remember Nadi is the title of a meditation CD (Nadi - Pacific Moon). Nadi means "pulse" in Indonesian, and means "a big river" in India.