Monday, May 11, 2009

:: EVERY Day Is "Mother's Day" ::

Yesterday was Mother's Day in many countries, and
mothers around the world were honored and appreciated
for the many ways they bless our families. But the
holiday is often tainted by our culturally induced
tendency to glorify *self-sacrifice*.

When mothers are treated like royalty for one day as
a reward for their selfless devotion to the family,
it subtly undermines the partnership between mothers
and those they care for, *and* it perpetuates the
notion that mothering is a grind the other 364 days
of the year.

So here's a radical proposition for every mother who
has ever bought into the idea of self-sacrifice as a

Decide that EVERY day is Mother's Day! Don't settle
for anything less than a predominantly pleasureful
path of mothering.

And remember that the best way to raise kids who
enjoy life is to let them see your commitment to
enjoying life yourself!

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