Friday, January 9, 2009

Birth Dreams

I've had two so far. Both dreams included circumstances that I am obviously bothered by in real life. Fears even. This is the work of pregnancy, being able to recognize the obstacles that stand in your way and working on getting them out of the picture, or learning how to change your thinking so the obstacles are no longer an issue.

In these particular dreams, the actual birth is a perfectly normal and beautiful process, there is no pain and I'm totally excited about the baby joining me on the outside. But *BOTH* dreams included my MIL who out of panic or thoughtlessness sabotaged the post birth period by either calling her friends to let them know I had given birth to a premature baby at home without assistance or letting the authorities know that I had just given birth at home and they should come take a look at the baby :-/ The dream I had this morning resulted in a hospital transfer of the baby and me left behind trying to figure out how to get myself to the out-of-state hospital they took him to. I was walking on foot, trying to get on buses and trains, all the while knowing that they were giving him bottles and I would lose the chance to establish a breastfeeding relationship with him if I didn't make it there in time.

I love my mother-in-law dearly but this is not so out of character for her. She is a very fearful person and worries about every little thing. She also lives downstairs :-) We've been trying to come up with a solution to the issue of her being in the house when I have the baby and even for a short while postpartum so we can have a peaceful and private babymoon. There's the possibility of her visiting her family in England for a while and so far that seems the best option. Even she is not wanting to be around for the actual birth. She knows she can't handle the idea of my being in labor without worrying her head off and disturbing the peace. But this is a burden that I can't keep walking around with. I need to think through why I am so concerned with this issue that it's messing with my sleep time, kwim?

On another more positive note... in both dreams the baby was a BOY! :)

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