Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So what was keeping me so busy over the last week?

I decided to take advantage of an absent husband and this "nesting" desire that's completely taken over me lately and tackle a good amount of the "things to do" on my never-ending list.

So here's what I managed to get done:
  • KITCHEN: scrubbed all major appliances, cleaned all cupboards and reorganized contents, got rid of everything that is not being used regularly, scrubbed all surfaces, painted the door and cut out protective plastic coverings on door windows.
  • MASTER BATHROOM: thoroughly cleaned every inch including under his & her sinks getting rid of what we don't need/use and organizing what remained. Washed all towels and mats. Put up clean curtains.
  • HIS & HER CLOSETS (in master bedroom): I left "HIS" alone :) For mine, I took EVERYTHING out, this covered my entire bedroom floor and was a VERY intimidating project! I think I stored everything but the kitchen sink in there :-/ My closet now houses my clothes and shoes, Justus's small dresser, and other random boxes of stuff like "skinny clothes" and family photos. I have now made a section for little Dew Drop since I've begun picking up the random little baby item here and there :) I also have my "birth bin" in there, and am realizing I need another one!
  • MASTER BEDROOM: stripped the bed and washed all bedding, took everything out of my dresser and reorganized my drawers. Cleared and organized my sewing desk.
  • CHILDREN'S BEDROOMS: They helped me a bunch with their rooms because I think it's important for them to be responsible for their space and belongings. We thoroughly cleaned foors, organized closets, cleaned out dressers and put clothes back neatly.
  • CHILDREN'S BATHROOM: Same as for mine, cleaned everything out. We have a really beautiful mirror/cabinet that goes over the toilet, I had hope to put it up while he was gone but it was too heavy and required tools I didn't have. I'll have him do this sometime this week.
  • LINEN CLOSET: emptied it completely separated what I want from what I don't and refolded and put everything back in neatly.
  • VACCUMED all floors upstairs and down (thank you Christine for letting me borrow your super-duper vaccum cleaner!) but WOW is it heavy for a very preggy mama to be carrying up and down stairs repeatedly! :) Worked awesome, though!
  • WASHED WALLS both upstairs and down, and mopped floors.
  • LAUNDRY ROOM/LAUNDRY: washed about 17-20 loads (I lost count at about 12), folded and put everything away, donated what doesn't fit anymore, mended what needed mending, threw out whatever was in bad shape.
  • DONATIONS: 4 bags of clothing went out to the Goodwill
  • GARBAGE: all garbage and recycles went out to the dump (thanks William!)
I managed to completely re-do my dining room in 2 days :) It was a lot of work taking off the wallpaper! My hands were raw, blistered and swollen from all of the scraping. Little by little I've been ridding the house of all the peach everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! It must have been the previous owner's favorite color *gag*

It's hard to see the color in the picture (below), since I had to use my webcam, but you'll get the idea. I chose a deep red called "Awning Red" for the walls, and a pure white for the trim up top. The white on top and red on bottom really opened up the room and makes it look bigger. I took down the blinds (I *hate* blinds) and put up a new curtain rod and hung sheer white curtains. I also spot cleaned and washed all of the fabric on the chairs and bought that little plant in the middle of the table (the "money tree") as a gift for Ivan. It looks brand new :)

You would think everything was done right? Here's what's left to do before baby arrives:
  • Put up that mirror/cupboard in the children's bathroom
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Put up curtains in master bedroom
  • Paint front hallway and upstairs hallway (again)
  • Paint kitchen
  • Paint Eric's room & put up new window dressings
  • Paint Julie's and Sera's room & put up new window dressings
  • Buy new chairs for the dining room
  • Replace table and chairs in kitchen
  • Decorate the master bathroom (most probably my birth space)
That's all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there's more LOL

All in good time. For now, I'm gonna rest and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Best of all... we pick up our new stove this week (hopefully today!) which will feel like a reward for all our hard work.


Michelle said...

Wow. You've been very busy.

the_witty_knitter said...

You have been so busy! I love your red dining room; red is my favorite :) I can't wait to see what else you paint; if you ever need help, let me know as I love to paint!