Friday, January 2, 2009

Mama Milkies

I'm one of those women who never seems to have any issues with breastfeeding. I've never had supply issues, mastitis, thrust or anything else. I've never had problems establishing a solid breastfeeding relationship even when the newborns latch is less than ideal. I've had good, healthy, on demand eaters. So I think maybe I've gotten a bit spoiled.

Recently I started experiencing sensitive nipples when Justus latches on, obviously due to pregnancy hormones. OUCH! The "sensitivity" had turned into full on HURTING over a couple of weeks time. It got to the point where I was dreading him signing "milkies" because as soon as he would latch on, my whole body would get zapped with a lightning kind of pain and even though he wasn't, it felt like he was nursing with all of his teeth! Yeah, lovely. I would check... and nope... his tongue was right where it should be so there were no teeth touching my nipple, just extremely sensitive skin that's all.

Well, I broke down about a week ago and bought him a bottle. He'll take a sippy cup but not for rest times or comfort times. I kept trying to tell myself that it was no big deal, I mean, what's the difference between a bottle and a sippy cup right? I said this to myself over and over feeling less convinced each time. Well, by the second time he reached for the bottle instead of coming to mama for our nursing/cuddle time I BROKE. I ripped the bottle from his hand and swooped him up into my arms and exposed my breast allowing him to take it if he wanted (of course, he did.) The pain was still there, it lasted a second and then all gone. I nursed him for about twenty minutes and we just enjoyed snuggling up together. Once again, all was right in our world.

I have to say... the second or two of discomfort when he latches on is FAR LESS painful than the thought of him weaning prematurely to some artificial source of comfort.

This experience has really given me a refreshed outlook on our nursing relationship and a renewed passion to protect our bonding time. He's still my little baby, even though there's another on the way. I can't ignore his needs to satisfy the needs of another. It's a balancing act. One that I am quite familiar with having such a large family. I can do this!


*** Oh, and the absolute cutest part that I forgot to mention... When Justus nurses he rubs my belly for the entire session. It's the sweetest thing! He doesn't really understand a baby is coming but he sure knows my body is changing. It melts my heart.


the platts said...

I love the "milkies"...Katie asks for nursie...sometimes she sits and has conversations with nursie telling her all about her day!...i'm with you, i hope it lasts much longer!

the platts said...

hey...did you get your hair cut? it looks great!

Janice said...

Sounds like a yeast infection I just had one as well (too much sugar!) or sometimes because he has had sugar and it was still in his mouth when he latched. I use Dr Newman's APNO cream but you can use just yeast cream you get for vaginal infections and just put on a tiny amount-i've done that many times. I always know its yeast because when he latches on it feels like there is crushed glass in my nipple when he latches! Yikes!

Angel said...

Hey Janice! I would consider a yeast infection except so far this all seems very much in line with what so many nursing moms experience when they are pregnant. Increased hormones causing sensitive nipples, except most people don't have a nursing toddler suckling on them all day. I have so many friends tell me about their experiences with yeast/thrush and OUCH! I feel for you!

Lisa, Thanks so much for sharing about Katie and her nursie, so cute! Hearing little things like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy about nursing :) They are so thankful for it aren't they?! And I did get my hair cut about a month ago :)

CunninghamRules!! said...

How old is Justus? My youngest Jafeth, is two and half and still nurses too! I feel alone in this world half the time. When he wants to nurse he says "boo boo?" it is the sweetest thing.

Angel said...

Justus is 19 months. He'll turn 2 shortly after this baby arrives. I'm sure he'll be happily nursing for quite some time! I am starting to sense people wondering how long I'll nurse him for especially since I'm pregnant!