Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doctors Opposing Circumcision

This is a very fascinating and educational video used by doctors as part of medical school curriculum. I encourage everyone to watch the full video. I learn something new each time I watch it.

I know circumcision is a hot topic, but it wouldn't be me to shy away from a controversial subject now would it?

For me, the bottom line is this... the penis belongs to the baby, let him decide if he wants it cut or not when he is old enough to make that choice. We are so quick to mutilate our sons in the name of hygiene or religion or "looking like dad" that we forget to look at the overwhelming evidence that this is a barbaric and outdated procedure with no benefit to a boy whose penis was healthy and intact. It is a painful procedure often done without any anesthetic. I believe if parents had adequate education about the function of the foreskin and the truth about circumcision there would be MANY baby boys saved from genital mutilation. I, for one, would love to see the end of this senseless violence.

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