Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 Reasons Why I Birth Unassisted...

10. Because at NO other time would I dream of allowing anyone other than my husband between my legs. A totally normal function of my body is not a reason for me to spread open for strange eyes and fingers (ew!)

9. Because I don't like starving myself for the one event in my life that requires the most energy! Ice chips anyone? *rolling eyes*

8. Because laying on my back during labor HURTS, how on earth can my pelvis open up like that, ouch! :-S

7. Because there is SO MUCH MORE to birth than "a healthy mom and baby" as a goal.

6. Because I think labor is the perfect time to get naked with my hubby ;-)

5. Because "purple pushing" isn't necessary! (see #8) The term alone is horrible, isn't it! Baby will come out on his/her own (imagine that!)

4. Because I have the "home court advantage"
  • I'm comfortable in my own home
  • My body knows ALL the germs in my house, so the risk of infection is decreased significantly.
  • I can move around from place to place at will
  • I can dim the lights, play my music, light my candles and just be
  • I can allow the placenta to birth at it's own time, decreasing the chance of a maternal hemorrhage
  • I can leave the baby and placenta in tact if I so chose (and I do!)
  • no one is there to take baby away, clean him up, put goop in his eyes and hand him back to me wrapped up like a cocoon. I simply put the baby's bare skin to my own and rest there for as long as we like!
  • There's no drugs to interfere with my energy levels and the natural hormonal response of my body which is designed for mommy baby bonding.
3. Because my children LOVE to be part of the birth. And I love them witnessing it as a natural event.

2. Because no one knows I'm in labor, so there's no pressure to hurry up to give anyone the "news".

1. Because birth WORKS dammit, leave it alone!

Ya know, I could've/should've easily made this a "100 reasons I birth unassisted" but I don't think anyone wants to read that long!


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