Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dew Drop...

I spend so much of my time with this little one. That might seem pretty obvious huh, I mean, of course I do since he/she is inside of me after all. There isn't a waking moment that we aren't together. But that not exactly what I mean. There's a big difference between carrying the baby with me 24/7 and spending *time* with the baby. I do EVERYTHING with this child. When I eat, I think of the baby and pay special attention to the subtle but noticeable reactions this little one has. I think of the baby when I dance, sing, play, read, you name it. We connect on a very different level since we don't have the traditional means of communication to rely on. It's one spirit talking to another and the language is that of a gentle hum. This baby, while very much a "Cooke" is also a very unique and precious individual with a personality all his/her own. The more time I spend interacting with this baby the more unfitting it feels to call the baby a love bug! I know that probably sounds weird, I mean who cares anyway right? It's not the baby's real name. It's just a cute little nick name given so that I don't have to spend the pregnancy referring to the baby as "the baby" or "him/her" or the worst one... "it"! I always found that to be very impersonal, and it's difficult to bond with a person who's referred to in such a vague manner.

Anyhow. This baby feels more like a water baby, if that can make any sense at all. When I spend quite time with the baby, I feel a very calm and peaceful presence like that of being on a private island where all you feel is a soft and gentle breeze, where waves of the water lightly sway you back and forth as one might lovingly and gracefully lead their partner across a dance floor. I feel a wise yet playful nature in this child. This is a water baby. I don't have the words to describe it. Not that I could, or would even try. I'm thinking a dolphin would've been a more accurate image to have of this little spirit :-) But for now, while the baby is still a little wee one taking up residence in my body... it'll be *Dew Drop*

This is something I've been feeling for a while now, which explains the recent changes in the overall look of this blog. It feels right.

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Laura Shanley said...

I think this is lovely, Angel! Have a wonderful birth!