Sunday, December 7, 2008

"What If"

We express many of our fears about birth through the "what if's". Like "What if I bleed to death?" or "What if the baby can't fit through my pelvis?" I've been thinking a lot about how our beliefs truly do shape our births and how our thinking needs to radically shift into the positive in order to create the best possible experience available to us. And I believe EVERYTHING is available to us, if we could just get out of our own way! So I've created my own "What If" list...

What if... my body waits for a quiet and peaceful hour to begin the birth dance.

What if... my house is so clean and organized that my mind can focus on 'Love Bug' and melting in the bliss of motherhood once again.

What if... contractions were called *baby hugs* or something equally endearing so that my mind and body will welcome each and every one.

What if... I feel relaxed enough to allow 'Love Bugs' head to come out slowly and gently.

What if... that actually feels good :-)

What if... I go inward and embrace the birth dance as a spiritual experience.

What if... *I'm* the one who brings baby up and out of the water this time ;-)

What if... I rest after 'Love Bug' arrives and allow myself to be taken care of by people who love me.

What if... People are sensitive to my needs and clean my house or cook for my children!

What if...

What if...

What if...

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