Monday, December 1, 2008

The Christmas Banquet...

By the time I got home yesterday there was about 30 minutes left for me to get myself and the children dressed for the banquet so I obviously didn't have time to prepare my own food to bring. How I wish I would've prepared ahead of time. There was just no way to predict the urgent business that had to be taken care of... like the hour we spent waiting in the van for Ivan to buy his new camera and then him taking me to buy new shoes. Oh and let's not forget how I remembered last minute that Seraphina and I needed hair clips or we couldn't possibly go. You know... urgent business :-) So I had a really pretty hair clip and these sexy rockin' leopard print stiletto heels but a stomach ache that lingered well into the night. Lovely. At some point I suppose, I will cut it out and face the fact that I can't eat like everyone else. I didn't even touch the desert table :-S Thank goodness for that little bit of common sense!

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