Monday, December 1, 2008

Today's Food...

The day started off great. I had one of my favorite breakfast meals... oat bran. I love oat bran because I can sneak so many things into it. I used Xylitol as the sweetener which I wouldn't normally do but I am all out of agave nectar. I'm back to rice milk after trying for a very long time to like almond milk, I just don't. So I also add raw pumpkin seeds, since I don't like eating seeds, Udo's Oil, cinnamon, and ground flax seeds. This was filling, delicious and left me feeling great and full of energy.

After breakfast I took my usual vitamins and supplements. The prenatals always make me nauseous but today I couldn't control it at all. I threw up for the first time this entire pregnancy. It was gross. By the time it happened I had already digested all of my food and there was just stomach acid. Feeling totally disgusted and empty I had a slice of spelt toast with coconut oil for snack. I was still really hungry so I made myself this awesome lunch. Broccoli soup and a veggie mix of broccoli, red peppers and yellow zucchini tossed in a little soy sauce. I couldn't wait to eat it.

I quickly devoured the veggies and then moved on to the soup. I took up a big spoonful and as I swallowed I realized it had gone bad :-/ It was SO NASTY! I ran to the kitchen, got myself some water to drink and washed the bowl out before some unsuspecting child comes along and tries to finish it off.

So, I'm exhausted from the throwing up, feeling grossed out from the bad soup. And feeling totally empty and not in the mood for food.

I tell you... sometimes I really wish I could be fed intravenously and not have to deal with food at all.

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