Thursday, December 11, 2008

What do YOU think the baby will be???

With my last pregnancy everyone had their prediction of whether I was having a boy or a girl. And everyone had their theory backing up their choice, of course. Either we needed a girl to balance out the ratio in our family or we would be following the boy-girl-boy boy-girl-boy pattern. As it turned out... the pattern won. If that trend continues, I'll be welcoming another baby boy! If not, it'll be dresses and bonnets for a precious little princess! I have NO preference, though I do have a feeling. Just for fun I've added a poll to the right hand side of this blog so that you can anonymously vote for what you think I'll be having. It's always fun to listen to all the old wives tales about how high or low I'm carrying and how much I'm breaking out or whatever LOL I might give it a little credit if it wasn't for the fact that I've carried high for ALL 7 pregnancies, my uterus will only change shape if the baby decides to hang out in a transverse position, and I break out a little during each pregnancy. I don't have any cravings though I certainly use pregnancy as an excuse to make out of the ordinary requests (like Wendy's lime punch and MIL's lemon chicken!) :-) Hey, it's my right... right?!!!

So, take a second and vote. I'm leaving it up until the baby arrives and we all find out. JOY :-)

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