Tuesday, February 17, 2009

End of Day Two...

This may very well be one of the most difficult days I've had in years! It's rare that I say that but anything that could have gone wrong, DID! And you know it might not have seemed so bad if Ivan were here, but with him gone everything seemed to be magnified to the 100th degree. First, my washing machine decides it's not going to work anymore, of course there is a saturated load of my clothes in there when this happens and now I am stuck spending tomorrow wringing out the heaviest load of laundry ever! Not to mention I won't be able to wash anything until Ivan gets back and figures out what happened :-/ Ok, that's pretty monumental on it's own considering we accumulate about a load and a half daily and I was already several loads behind... and oh yeah... what will I do with my soiled cloth diapers now?!?!?! GRRRRR

Then, Justus disappears for about ten minutes and each of us thinks someone else is watching him so by the time I found him he was covered in paint (yes, even one of his new pocket diapers!) and so were my walls AND carpet! I have to wait till my company leaves (because heaven forbid I be a bad hostess and take care of the disaster in my bedroom instead of entertaining) and of course by that time the paint had set in and now I have painted carpet, MESSY painted carpet :-/ We're really on a roll here for good news to give hubby when he returns. Anyone have a really large area rug?!?!?!

Last week I paid for 8 weeks of yoga classes to be taken on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and with all that going on I forgot to call and cancel for this week and ask if I could make it up at the end. So irresponsible of me.

It was one of those days where you give 100% to doing your best and the results turn out to be less than zero. So very frustrating :-(

Here I am at the end of the night, totally and completely exhausted from all of today's damage control, and oddly enough it would seem as though the universe decided to balance things out for me, and perhaps even tip the scales in my favor. My dear friends William and Linda brought me a gift today. It wasn't just any gift, but a very very special gift that melted my heart. About a week ago we went shopping together and I saw the most comfortable and beautiful rocking chair. I couldn't resist sitting my very pregnant self in it, cradling the air while rocking and envisioning some sweet moment in the future when I'm holding this precious little one at my breast. I made a quick comment about that being my dream :-) Well when they arrived at my door today, William was carrying this BIG box and an even BIGGER smile on his face. Totally confused, and still a little annoyed by that creepy guy who rang my bell a couple minutes before insisting I let him take a look at my water heater (excuse me?!), I asked him (William, not the creepy guy) what was in the box. Still smiling from ear to ear my dear friend replied, "It's your dream!" Huh? What on earth is he talking about? What dream? I have a dream? lol

Oh yeah... this one :):):)

I tell you, this was enough to brighten my day right back up :-) How wonderfully sweet and unexpected. I was totally shocked and blown away by their generosity and thoughtfulness. It certainly helped to put all that had gone wrong today into proper perspective and bring me back to *me*

Thank you my friends :-) I can't wait to hold the baby in my arms and sing sweet songs in my new chair. It means so much to me that it came from you guys, and that you care about me so much!

~I still hope that tomorrow has a bit less drama than today~

Nighty Night


the platts said...

i can already see you cuddling your little one in that chair! good friends can brighten any day can't they? you are so lucky to have them in your life!

Michelle said...

I have found that God loves to bless us when we least expect it and things are going terribly wrong. That was so sweet of William and you can tell him I said so. Enjoy your new chair each and every time you use it.

the_witty_knitter said...

Oh my! That brought tears to my eyes;how sweet of them to give you such a beautiful gift! I had no idea your day was that rough (((Hugs))) to you :) You looked so beautiful and relaxed when I saw you...Take care xox

Christine said...

Awww. Nice gift! (William is awesome!)