Saturday, February 7, 2009

Enjoying the Ride

I'm currently reading 3 different books at the moment. Depending on my mood or time I will pick one up over the other, and sometimes it's just which ever one is closest to me when I want to read a little.

"Painless Childbirth" ~Giuditta Tornetta
"Nonviolent Communication" ~Marshall Rosenberg
"Unconditional Parenting" ~Alfie Kohn

This is my first time through Painless Childbirth and Unconditional Parenting but my second time through Nonviolent Communication. What I find interesting is that all three books seem to be complimenting each other perfectly using different words and experiences to communicate the same ideas. I also find it interesting that I would have chosen these books and somehow read them as much or as little as it would take for each idea to surface at just the right moment to compliment one another. Awfully coincidental :-) Or perhaps it is has something to do with the clarity I have about who it is I am and where it is I want to go that is drawing towards me the necessary tools to bridge that gap (law of attraction). Whatever the case, I believe what's made the biggest impact is my realizing that my life will not change by simply wishing or hoping it will. We are not to sit still and wait for ideal circumstances to fall onto our laps so that we can live the life we truly want. We are to be active participants in our own personal journey, present in every moment, having awareness of our thoughts, our actions and reactions in order to take responsibility and own the results of our life. Everything comes down to choices. We chose what we want, we act on it, we get it. Some people want to be victims, some people want to think they aren't even choosing anything at all, some people leave it for others to choose for them. I know I've done all of that in the past and have gotten predictable results. I want different results, I'm after a different kind of life. I feel incredibly blessed to be going through so many changes while carrying this precious little child and taking him/her along with me for the ride. It's been the sweetest journey. I know I will not be coming away from this pregnancy the same person I was going into it, and what a wonderful thing that is!

I'm probably not making much sense right now because I don't have the time to go into specific details about everything. I didn't even intend to say all that I did, but that's the way blogging goes sometimes. It's just such a mind blowing ride for those willing to sit in the drivers seat, kwim?!!! :-)

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