Monday, February 2, 2009

My Day

Every once in a while on my old blog I would have pictures taken of me throughout the day to show what a typical day of mine looks like, not all that exciting, but it's fun for me :) So today will be that day. We're pretty silly and like to have fun with everything so I'm sure you'll see that coming through in the pictures.

Here's my cuddly little sweetie pie wanting to be right next to mommy while she eats her breakfast :) He's my little darlin. We bought that (very expensive!) throw for the family room and Justus has adopted it as his "bankie" and wants to be wrapped up in it pretty much all day long.

Here I am enjoying my *favorite* breakfast, Oatbran, white pomelo and tea.

My tea is a mix of Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf and Nettle with added lemon juice. I usually make a big jug of iced tea out of this and mark the jug "Preggie Tea" so no one drinks it.
Today I'm just having it hot.

And this is my oatbran and everything I put in it. It's taken me a while to get use to the organic oatbran because it doesn't cook as quickly as the cheapy one. I've started soaking it overnight in rice milk and this seems to do the trick, it's probably better for digestion as well. So once it's cooked I add Udo's oil (omega fatty acids), Salba, raw pumpkin seeds, agave nectar and cinnamon.

On to our HONEY POMELO. If you've never had one of these wonderful fruits you MUST give it a try. I get them at Zehrs for about $2.99 each. Honey pomelo's are very nutritious and with health benefits for the lungs, throat and blood circulation. They taste like a grapefruit without any of the grapfruit bitterness. Eric wanted pictures of the how-to-eat-a-pomelo process so here it is...

There he is with the wrapper on his head LOL

So first you cut around the outer skin in a circle.

Then you begin peeling it down until that half of the shell comes off in one piece.

Then, when we've done that, the littles will play with the shells for the rest of the morning! They love making hats and bowls out of them. The smell coming off of the shells is so delicious. I often leave them out in the kitchen so the smell can freshen up the room.

Now it's ready to be eaten. It looks just like a grapefruit inside and the skin is really hard and bitter so you have to remove and eat the fleshy inside and discard the skin.


Time to take my morning vitamins and supplements. I'll be doing this 2 more times today but won't take pictures.

Time for 10 minutes on the treadmill. I know I won't have time everyday to fit in a long workout so I try to at LEAST get 10 minutes of walking/jogging. Feels so good to get that heart rate up :)

I was just gonna do my yoga when Justus came in with a stinky diaper. What would my life be really if it weren't for all the poopy breaks LOL And, yeah, we really didn't need a picture of this, but oh well.

Ok, he's all changed and Eric is watching him in his room so I'm gonna get to my yoga with the cutest little partner one could ask for :)

She just loves to move those hips! A true Puerto Rican ;-)

This is my favorite picture of the day. We had just finished doing kegels. How many women do kegels with their little girl? So cute. She giggled the whole time as she tried to concentrate on her vagina. Then she looks to me to make sure she is doing the right thing with her hands. Namaste, Seraphina.

Lunch time! Today I ate vegetable kamut rotini pasta with a tomato basil sauce, garlic and artichoke hearts. I am really NOT a fan of pasta sauces but it's alright once in a while. For snack I'm having a pink lady apple (my favorite!) and maybe an english cucumber a little later. At dinner time I'll need to make up for the lack of veggies eaten so far.

After lunch we all got ready and went out to run some errands. I found a good bowl to use for the placenta, $1 at Goodwill. :) This month I plan to start filling my birth bin. SO EXCITING!

We got home just in time to start dinner. Here's what I had.

I made a HUGE pot of brown rice with pigeon peas seasoned with oregano, turmeric, sea salt, garlic and pepper. I also had portabella mushrooms cooked in a sauce made of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin coconut oil and crushed garlic. For veggies, I steamed baby carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. YUM!

Here's Julianne gettin' some good Papa lovin'

Waiting patiently to be served.

We promised them a movie after dinner. So once all after meal chores were taken care of we all gathered in the family room and spent some time together watching a movie none of us had seen before. They were so tired afterward they walked themselves right up to bed, no fussing :) Lovely.

So that's it. Nothing majorly exciting. Tomorrow I'll have to catch up on some chores because as you can see I didn't get any laundry or anything done today. But for now... I'm off to read another chapter in "Painless Childbirth" and write some thoughts, intentions and commitments in my birth binder. Then, BED!



Tereza said...

I enjoyed your preggy day!!!And find myself relating to the way you eat....which my blog totally does not reflect by the way:)in case you wondered:)
So how does this pregnancy compare to the others? Are you feeling better, worse or anout the same?

Tereza said...

will you be returning to your old blog after the birth of your baby?

Christine said...

You get so much done in a day! :)

(BTW, LMSO... "She giggled the whole time as she tried to concentrate on her vagina." That's gold, right there. And a future homebirther? ;) )

Angel said...

Hi Tereza! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your questions!!! I answered them in my head and forgot to put them on paper :-/

This pregnancy is by FAR my best pregnancy! I feel fantastic all around. What has truly made all the difference for me is the choices I made early on to enjoy every moment and stay in a positive place. It's amazing how much a simple choice can alter the course of our lives if we follow through on it! I also believe having a totally unassisted pregnancy has done wonders for the part of my that tends to worry, there's been none of that this time around :-)

And yes, at some point after baby I will return to my old blog. Not sure yet if I'll keep this one for baby news/updates as they can consume an entire blog especially in those early weeks... we'll see. :-)

Christine, That day I felt like I got nothing done except for exercise. Probably because my mind still thinks "doing something" is work and I got none done that day! Terrible isn't it? As if everything else doesn't count somehow?!!! Seraphina will still tell anyone who will listen that she learned how to squeeze her vagina :-) That's my girl!

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