Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unassisted Water Birth

I love this video. Look how alert the mom is. THAT is what it's like to not have any drugs interfering with the natural hormonal process of birth. People often ask me, "Who delivers your babies?" because the image they have of a woman being so out of it she can barely look at her baby no less pick it up is what their imagining is happening to me at home in my bedroom without drugs. Most people assume mom needs to basically collapse after birth and that's NOT the case at all. Call it a "birth high" or whatever you want but your body naturally kicks in some serious mama juices after baby comes out. It doesn't make me super-woman to be alert immediately after birth, it just means I'm experiencing what was naturally intended :-)


Christine said...

LOVE that. Reminds me so much of Cory's birth. Notice the membranes hanging out next to the head? Very cool.

But BOY, that's quite the money shot, eh? LOL Kinda glad our vid is less... right there.

Angel said...

I think I'd like to have 2 videos, one that's modest (for sharing with friends and family) and one that's all about the "money shot" LOL for myself. I don't exactly get to watch my births from that angle and I think it would be cool :-)

I think it's harder for me to make the modest video because I can't seem to birth comfortably with a bra on and I don't want to be conscious of my positions because of a camera!

Bottom line - I will likely have NO video because I need to be present in the moment and free from external details such as those. I felt really annoyed last time when Ivan was setting up the camera and facing it towards me while I was busy laboring! He had to angle the darn thing just right, set up all the whatever's and in the end we wound up with a REALLY low quality video with NO audio!!! I would've much rathered he stayed present with me and forgot about all of that.

Christine said...

Ya know... I'd be happy to take footage of whatever sort you want. And then Ivan would be free to focus on you!

All you gotta do is ask. :)