Monday, February 23, 2009

Kid's Bathroom

Don't pay attention to the quality of the pictures because a MUCH better camera took the before pictures. I'm still stuck with this webcam for my after shots which really sux!

Here is a picture of what their bathroom looked like a while ago, I had painted it a medium gray in between to match the lighter "Ash White" in the hallway but it was really dark and dreary looking, and I forgot to take pictures of that. Since I'm repainting the hallways (NOT happy with the "Ash White") I figure I may as well brighten up their space :-)

After pictures:
I chose to do it in a pure white and it really looks so much bigger and cleaner! It matches the tiles and cabinets and more importantly, the kids love it :-)

I plan to put some kind of cabinet above their toilet because I need a place to keep their toilet paper, soaps, bath toys, etc. without it being in Justus's reach. Even Seraphina still has her moments when she feels like washing her hands with half a bottle of organic, expensive kiddie shampoo and I'm hoping putting things a little higher will stop that from happening.

I have simple white curtains to hang and am thinking that's about it for decorating.

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