Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Shower!

My baby shower last night was really sweet. I enjoyed having time to get together with friends and hang out and catch up. We decided early on with this baby (from experience) that we would rather a few really good quality items for baby rather than a large amount of things we really don't need. So I tried to keep my registry simple, and I am very grateful for everything I received. I know that after your first baby many people think it's not right to have a baby shower so I feel very blessed to have had a shower at all for baby #7!!! I have always given away my baby things to others once my baby grew out of them. I don't like to hold on to things when someone else can use them, so that means that each time is like starting new. So thank you again, to everyone who made last night so special for me! :-) I don't think I'll be giving any of these things away after baby! They're all so special and beautiful!!!

Here are my gifts:

My First Hemp T-Shirt
Native American Rattle
So That's What They're For! (book)
The Best Gifts (book)
Eco Babies Wear Green (book)

Natural Charm Organic Cotton Baby Gown w/ Drawstring Bottom
Natural Charm Collection Baby Hat
Cotton Baby Booties

Bamboo Baby Bath Towel
3 Bamboo Baby Washcloths

18 Motherease Baby Washcloths (for diaper changes)
Organic Cotton Baby Legs
Lavender Baby Shampoo & Body Gel
Sweetgrass Bath Salts

Bravado Nursing Bra

4 Sleepers (6-12 months)


CunninghamRules!! said...

how sweet and special! I just got rid of the rest of my baby gear, so everyone says that I will get pregnant again finally:-) hehe! My youngest is almost three, isn't that crazy?!

Angel said...

Wow, 3! :-)

With me, it's maternity clothes. As soon as I get rid of the last bit, I get pregnant :-) But I don't like going through each pregnancy in the same clothes so it's o.k.

Although, this time around I bought myself some really nice pieces (on sale for dirt cheap!) so I might not be so quick to pass them on.