Monday, April 13, 2009


So... we're still not settled on names yet. I have a girl name that I like (never got to use it with Justus)... but boy names are a little more difficult, maybe because we've named so many already!

I'm wanting something that

  • isn't on the 100 most popular name list
  • isn't so unusual that people need to ask repeatedly how to pronounce it
  • isn't a baby name (the child does grow up after all)
Obviously it has to fit the personality of the baby, which at this point, only we (Ivan and I) are really connected with. But I'm still open to suggestions, if anyone has any :-)


CunninghamRules!! said...

well, you and I must have somewhat similar tastes since my oldest son is named Justice:-) I have a son named Sloan, which means victorious warrior, but I also really like that name for a girl, spelled Sloane. My youngest son is named Jafeth, after Noah's son Japheth in the Bible, but like you we wanted something unique but easier to spell so we changed the spelling and people seem to be able to mostly pronounce it:-) Plus we call him Jafe for short which is fun. I really like the name Amara for a girl, or you can spell it with an h at the end. It means "wished for child, precious gift". I only have four boys, so I am always wishing for a little girl too!! But I tend to lean towards unisex names like Justice or Sloan, so I have to say that my favorite name right now, hands down for a boy or girl is Scout, I LOVE that name. For a boy, it means literally "to scout out" for a girl it means "precocious" :-) But you are right, you will know when you see your little angel what his/her name will fit...blessings!

Anne Bennett said...

What a toughy! I feel the same way about baby names, even though I've not expecting. Good luck! :)

Christine said...

I have a names book you would probably love! (Or at least get a kick out of.) I'll bring it over sometime, okay?

(TBPH, because of our naming style, we were happy to find Dermot under the Fitting In/Standing Out category and Corwin nowhere. ;) )

And I hear you on the name-finding trouble. We've only had boy names these past two pregnancies... we had girl names that didn't suit either baby, of course!

Angel said...

I've been doing searches for unique, or uncommon names and I've seen Corwin on quite a few! I was also surprised to see "Ivan" on the top 5 most popular names for 5 different countries! Of course Russia was one of them LOL

I love the names you've chosen :-) Naming a baby is no easy task (unless of course you receive his/her name as has happened to us a couple of times in the past!) because I believe a child will likely grow into what you name them.

I'd love to look at your book.

Truth be told... we have a name we've both LOVED from the beginning, but of course my silly mind thinks "what if this isn't right?!", and then I want to plan for a back-up. :-) I wouldn't be surprised if it winds up suiting the baby perfectly!

Christine said...

Oh, I meant that Corwin isn't in my [off the beaten path] name book anywhere... we're thankful to Dr. Who for that. ;) Actually it was when I searched the baby naming sites for its meaning that I knew it was top of our short list. Perfect name for a baby brother, too. :)

I understand the back-up name thing... I had my girl names (for Dermot) all lined up from before conception until about 7 months pregnant I had a dream that the baby was a girl and none of our girl names were suitable. So back to the drawing board for MONTHS. Good thing he was a boy because we still didn't have a "good" (i.e. perfect, settled, suitable) name by the time he was out! He would have been nameless for who knows how long if he hadn't been a dude. Cory? Same girl names, couldn't come up with anything new.

Also? How nice is it to be able NOT to tell people the name you like before the baby is born and named? Made THAT mistake once and never again. Why do people feel it's so important to pick apart your name choices anyway? Sorry, grandparents, we still like the name Dermot! (Still a little touchy for me, eh?)

JoyfulOne said...

Oh, I SO know what you mean about telling people ahead of time. I, too, made that mistake with Jason when I was thinking of girl names. I really liked "Willow" at the time and I remember my mother giving a response like "You aren't SERIOUS are you?!?!" really pissed me off LOL I had 2 girl names and no boy names that time. I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 days that the boy went nameless.

We've only been discussing names with the children, who by the way, can be just as opinionated!!! Boy oh boy the comments we've received from them about some names we've suggested! :-) Somehow it isn't that bad coming from them though. hee hee.