Thursday, April 30, 2009

A night full of "snuggles"

I spent the better part of last night awake with horrific menstrual-like cramps on my left side. They were so bad, shooting from my left ovary right down to my left knee. OUCH!!! It took about an hour of Ivan rubbing it out to make any difference. Unfortunately, when I turned to lay on my right side, I was overtaken with round ligament pain and sciatica. Lovely. So toss and turn, repeat, repeat, repeat, and you have some idea of how I spent my night!

The upside, I suppose, was the non-stop "snuggles", which is the term Ivan has adopted for this pregnancy's contractions. We both agree that the word "contraction" just doesn't have a good sound to it when you want to experience them as pleasurable. I also don't like many of the other terms midwives tend to use, like rushes, surges, sensations, etc. So Ivan came up with snuggles. If nothing else, it's making us both laugh a lot! He'll look at me and ask, "Are you having a snuggle?", to which I'll reply something like, "Oh, I'm snugglin' alright!!!". It's helpful to have such a playful and silly response rather than scrunching up the face and acting all pitiful. I have noticed how much control I have over how I process the sensation of a very strong contraction. I can make it painful or quite pleasurable depending on the energy I give it, and how willingly I surrender to it's own energy. I've had amazing results so far working with my beliefs about pregnancy and labor. I look forward to the actual birth, and having a totally different experience.

All of my "snuggles" last night were not in vain apparently. I wiped after peeing this morning at about 10:00 a.m. and the tissue had pink tinged mucus on it :-) So, there are some cervical changes going on which is wonderful as far as I'm concerned. It's so nice to have a sign that *something* is happening! Gives me something to hang on to no matter how long it actually takes until we have the baby in our arms :-) Positive thinking all the way, baby!


the_witty_knitter said...

Yay! Those are all great signs! So the question is; will this be an April baby or a May baby? :D To me, and I didn't want to say anything last week when I saw you, you looked *ready*. I couldn't picture you going another 2-3wks :) Have fun snuglling tonight :D

Angel said...


I just can't tell at this point. I never even imagined I'd see any sign at all before a week into May at least so now it's up to my body, because my mind was obviously just trying to keep itself from getting prematurely excited, to which I now say IT'S OK TO GET EXCITED!!! It seems rather silly to NOT get excited to spare oneself from possible disappointment, kwim?

Contractions feel totally different today, though few and faaar between. I really feel like I'm getting a monster period.

the_witty_knitter said...

Ok, Get EXCITED! hehe! I think you are alot closer than you think. I mean, after all, the baby has to come out sometime, right??? Eat pineapple curry for dinner ;) Then have DESSERT! :D

Angel said...


You know, I have only ever had curry once when at a friends for dinner. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it!

Christine said...


So. Excited.

Trying not to phone you repeatedly...

So, um, if you would like to take it easy for the foreseeable future, would you like me to start whipping up those freezer meals for you?

Angel said...

Christine, if you are up to it, that would probably be best! I really don't see being able to. Bummed about not being able to get the pictures done, too! I waited too long! LOL

And don't you worry, you know you are at the top of the phone tree :-D

Christine said...

Oh, good, cuz I had already started cooking some meals and was hoping you wouldn't mind that I started without you! :)