Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not even May yet...

and already I'm feeling a little impatient!

I *love* pregnancy, I really do. But I'm done. It's been fun, but I'd like my body back please :-) You know, the body that can walk to the bathroom with relative ease? The body that can climb in and out of bed without the moans and groans of a senior citizen? How about laying on my back? Or my belly? Or in ANY position that felt even slightly comfortable!!! Of course it'll all be worth it in the end, we all know that. But why does the last week or two have to drag a$$ so much??? Why does every hour feel like a day??? It's hard finding things to keep myself busy that don't involve overdoing it and hurting myself (like scrubbing the kitchen floors with a toothbrush, which I'd like to do but have been forbidden by my dear husband), or needing a license and some cash to throw away. Even the kids are tired of listening to me b!tch and complain about the house not being perfect. I need to do something... like color my hair, or pierce my tongue (for the fourth time LOL) or go shopping.

I feel like my childhood pet beagle who would sit at the door howling until someone would take her out. I'm gonna go see what Ivan's doing :-) I could probably kill some time busting his chops for a while. hee hee.


livesimply said...

Just wait one more day! Friday is a great shopping day:)

CunninghamRules!! said...

Ha! too funny!