Friday, April 10, 2009

Why I strongly dislike mainstream baby websites...

"Baby Fit" got my email address, no doubt from some innocent shopping trip to a maternity store at some point. Anyway, I get little nuggets of wisdom from them right into my email on a continuous basis, YAY! *rolling eyes* Here's what I got this morning...

Bottle Feeding: Types of Formula
Types of Formula

"Choosing commercially prepared formula to feed your baby is an important decision. What you feed your baby now provides the foundation for future health and development. Be sure to talk with your baby's doctor about the appropriate infant formula for your baby. Your baby's doctor is the best person to provide recommendations about your baby's nutritional needs. You should never change formula without first checking with your baby's doctor."

Of course this is only part of the article, I won't even bother posting a link because I won't spread the junk. But... WHA?!?! I went the standard route of having a hospital birth with my first two followed by years of (wasted) well visits with a highly recommended baby doc. This genius of a pediatrician, who is considered by this article to be the "best person to provide recommendations about your baby's nutritional needs", recommended I use the soy formula the hospital gave me because I was wasting my time and energy trying to figure out breastfeeding and having little luck with a good latch (at 2 weeks postpartum!!!). I would come back to her at least twice a month with symptoms like poop that was so hard it rolled off their diapers. I mean, they were little black marble pellets that were so hard to pass their little faces would turn all red and and their bodies clenched just trying to pass the things. Having never had a baby, I ignorantly trusted her when she said this was normal. I also came to her so often because they had reoccurring ear and sinus infections to the point where they were taking antibiotics on a monthly (they have white stained teeth to this day because of all of the antibiotics!) Somehow, the babies screaming their heads off from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and finding no comfort in my arms, in being fed, or changed meant nothing to this expert and I was told once again that this was normal.

Now, having the experience that I do, I know that all of these things are FAR from normal. Baby's shouldn't poo black pellets that take hours to pass. My breastfed babies have NEVER cried in pain for hours on end like my formula fed babies. And ear and sinus infections completely diappeared when the formula did. So that's why I bother posting this little bit of the article at all. Just incase there is some mom out there experiencing ANY of these things with formula and doesn't know that they aren't normal!

YOU, the baby's MOTHER, are the expert. YOU and only YOU love your baby the way a mother would. The wisdom and knowledge is within you, and you can hear it clearly once you push what your magazines, doctors and well meaning friends and family are saying outside of your circle of influence!

O.k., I'm done for the day :-)

I'll be back in a couple of minutes with pictures of my new kitchen table (a much lighter and happier subject)


livesimply said...

You are not the first person that I've heard of these symptoms from formula. I feel very lucky that Kaley has never had any food issues or ear issues from what she's eaten (cross my fingers). What a horrible thing to have to go through. Gotta love the "professional advice" that is so freely offered, although who knows how much they are getting paid by formula companies to push their product!!!

Earth Birth Mom said...

Amen sistah!! It was like that with my 1st child for me. The Dr's basically ran our lives for the first year of her life until I took her healthcare into my own hands and she was miraculously better after getting all of their toxins out of her body. It cracks me up when my family and my inlaws get mad that we don't take our kids to the Doc because I can only think "what you want us to torture all of our kids the way i tortured my perfect little Skylar doing what was 'healthy'?"

Unfortunately, mainstream society is just as warped as the Medical institutions wants them to be.