Monday, April 27, 2009

SURPRISE Mother Blessing!!!

I have ALWAYS wanted a surprise ANYTHING when I'm pregnant, but never had anything like that. I usually planned my own showers (even my own Mother Blessing last pregnancy!) or at least had a huge part in it because no one else would do it. That is, until now :-) I was NOT expecting it, especially being so late in the pregnancy and all. It was such a surprise, and I consider myself one of those people who are hard to catch off guard cause I'm always thinking somethings up, but this time I had NO clue. Of course looking back there were several events/comments that should've set some red flags up but with this preggie brain I just wasn't paying attention.

So Saturday morning rolls around like any other and Ivan is enthusiastically helping me clean (how odd!) but I don't complain, it's so appreciated I just let him go at it. He has decided we're all going out but doesn't tell anyone where. You would think that in itself would be enough to tip me off to something being up but no. It's not at all uncommon for Ivan to leave the kids in suspense and so I just don't bother asking and go with it every time. So we're all heading out and we get a couple blocks down the road when he mumbles something under his breath that I guess means he forgot something he needed to do, and he drives a different way. Now I'm wondering what he's doing but still totally oblivious until he drives down my best friends street. THIS, I think, is weird because if he had something to do by them I would know wouldn't I? So I ask him why we're heading to their house and he tells me we need to pick something up. Ok, whatever. Then he tells me to get out and come with him to the door. Huh? What the heck? I'm 9 months pregnant what can I possibly help you carry out of here?!?! LOL I walk in the door and by now I should have REALLY known something was up because Christine looks happy as anything (yes, that's a sign!) and walks right up to me with a book that I think I was suppose to borrow. It's a baby name book, not to much to be smiling from ear to ear about LOL And her little boy runs to meet us at the door and says something about having a party! I'm totally confused, we're all just standing there and no one is really saying anything. So I do what I normally do which is grab the nearest baby (thanks Corwin!) play with him and ignore the adults until they figure out what their doing. All of a sudden, my friend Meg comes walking out from the kitchen (I think?) and she's dressed so pretty, I just knew then that they planned something for me. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights!!! I'm never surprised!!! What does one do when they're surprised, I have no idea?!?! Then out comes Linda, also dressed for a party! YAY!!! A party for ME!!! :-) :-) :-) I was soooooo happy!!!

***I just noticed Linda's boots by the closet! I was with her when she bought those boots, how on earth did I just walk past them and not notice!!! Dear lord let me blame it on pregnancy brain because the alternative is awful scary LOL!***

It was such a lovely day filled with thoughtfully planned out meals, activities, prayers/blessings, gifts and all that good stuff. Christine put so much into making everything just right. Even the food was chosen with care. Whatever she couldn't get locally she got organic :-) It was wonderful! We didn't have a camera until about an hour or so into it so I missed getting pictures of the feast. Christine had prepared garlic, lime chicken (SO good!), meatballs, apple crisp, a desert I don't know how to spell, LOL, a beautiful salad and a tray filled with fresh veggies and hummus. mmmmmm.

So we started by making some pregnancy/birth art. We chose a theme out of "Birthing From Within" and drew pictures I would take home with me for my birth space. I *love* this idea so much. I love to have something to look at during labor and how special is it that I can look at these pictures and be reminded of my friends and this special day! Below is a painting I did for this pregnancy (mom/dad/baby/dolphins/lotus), it's not an original, I took all of the ideas from different places and made one big painting of it. Surrounding it though, is all of the pictures we drew Saturday. They were all so special and mean the world to me :-) This is all on the wall that the birth pool will be closest to.

Then everyone took their turn lighting a beeswax candle and saying a blessing/prayer for me, the birth and the baby. And also, a special gift from each of them :-) Meg knitted this beautiful baby sweater and hat. I can't say enough about them, I take them out ever couple of hours to look and feel them. I'm so amazed by her talent and so honored that she took the time to make something so special for this baby! She presented them in a beautiful eco-friendly wicker basket which I've decided to use for the baby's bath towels/washcloths/soaps, it's perfect!

Linda gave me this super cute organic cotton baby shirt in pumpkin and white stripes along with organic lavender baby soap. I think this will go really nicely with the sweater Meg made!

Then Christine hands me a bag and tells me it's from her and Meg. I begin to open it and can't quite figure out what it is. My first thoughts are that it looks like organic baby bedding but that wouldn't make any sense. Christine knows we don't do the crib thing, neither does she, so she wouldn't... but what in the world could it be? I'm unsure how to unwrap it so I'm taking my time and she asks me if I recognize it but I don't... what in the world... oh my... it isn't!!!

It IS!!!

Remember this post from way back in March? :-) I can't believe they got it for me!!! SUCH a luxury item but somehow seems so fitting for this already spoiled baby LOL This is a bamboo mei tai style baby carrier. The straps are organic cotton and dyed using tea. Even the filling is made from organic cotton. It is so soft you can easily find yourself rubbing it for long periods of time until you turn to your husband and realize he is looking at you like you've lost your pregnant mind :-) Oh how I *love* this gift.

I have a shelf on either side of my dresser, one with my birth crystals and beeswax candles (to which I just added the new candles!) and the other with my essential oils, two oil diffusers, a little statue Christine gave me a while back of a mother and child made from a single stone, and now an Ivy plant I was sent home with on Saturday from my Mother Blessing :-)

This was a day I will never forget. How wonderful to feel so loved and cared for.

I can't WAIT for this baby to come!!! My birth space is filled with so much love.


::carol:: said...

How lovely Angelina! Looks like you have some wonderful friends and it was a beautiful day.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful surprise.

CunninghamRules!! said...

How fun and special for you!