Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Ready :-)

We took a little trip out to Newmarket today to visit Nature's Emporium which is a large store chock full of everything you can think of for a healthy and natural alternative lifestyle. I couldn't resist picking up these super cute organic cotton baby outfits :-) I can't believe in a couple more weeks this little person will be in my arms (probably swimming in these teeny tiny outfits!)

Then I came home and waiting for me at the post office was my big box of Lisa Janey's!!! Some of you may remember back when my dear friend Christine was expecting her little one, I purchased some Lisa Janey cloth menstrual pads and posted pics of them. Well, my mama brain had a long (LONG!) pause and I thought I had washed them but didn't :-( Unfortunately, my stash was destroyed. It broke my heart because I just *love* the work Lisa puts into these pads, they are so well made and you can just see how much work she puts into making sure she's selling a product she can be proud of. They're gorgeous, and they actually make me excited when it's my moon time :-) This is the first time I've ordered postpartum/night time size from her and they look and feel fantastic! So exciting!!!


::carol:: said...

Very exciting Angelina!! So happy for you all and can't wait to hear the news!

Christine said...

I love love love my Lisa Janey pads! I can't thank you enough! They're the only thing that I'm looking forward to as my fertility is returning (which I suppose might sound a smidge silly to someone who isn't familiar with cloth pads)... aside from another pregnancy eventually. :)

Christine said...

Also, that HFS is fantastic! We have to go back again sometime--I just need to make up a wish list first. :)

JoyfulOne said...

I'd love to go back, that place is great! Hopefully we can make a run for it next time when we get close to the exit! LMAO!!! Unless of course you want to know more about the E.T.'s ;-)

That trip was suppose to be about picking up for Justus a package of "Earth's Best" disposable diapers and one package of their wipes, so that when the baby is born Ivan can have a couple days of not worrying about diaper washing. How on earth did we go so overboard?!?! Ah, who am I kidding :-P

Anyway, I'm positive people think I'm nuts for looking forward to my moon... but I don't despise it or see it as a curse. It is what it is, and I am thankful for it :-) Doesn't mean I wouldn't like more than 4.5 months postpartum before seeing it again!!! Gonna try and work on that this time because I am ultra curious to know if that's just my body or if I can extend it even a smidge if I try. We'll see!