Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Due Dates and other things...

I've avoided giving anyone a due date this pregnancy for several reasons. The first one being that I don't want to keep saying a date out loud over and over again and set my mind up to expect that which cannot and should not be expected (and that is for baby to come out on some magic number!) Another reason is that I don't want others expecting baby to arrive on this magical date because if that doesn't happen, a host of annoying comments follow and pretty much rain all over the last few precious days of your pregnancy. Who needs that? It's not really important to most people anyway, I think it's more small talk than anything. We've really lost the art of talking to pregnant women without the annoying and predictable questions/comments. I know they're usually just ice breakers and no one means to be annoying about it, however, after hearing the same thing 100 times a month you almost can't help wishing you had a t-shirt that bullet pointed the answers that are inevitably headed your way. My t-shirt might read something like this:

  • Yes, I Do know what causes this, which is why we keep doing it ;-)
  • No, it's not your business how many children I intend to have
  • No, my hands are not full, that's what my baby carrier is for!
  • Yes, I'm getting big... that's what happens!
  • Sorry, I'm not giving out a "due date"
  • No, I don't know what the baby is (besides being human!)
  • No, "they" didn't tell me, because I don't go to "them"
  • No, no one needs to "deliver" the baby, baby will come out on it's own (imagine that!)
  • No, Ivan is NOT my midwife, but he does have some serious skills when it comes to natural induction methods ;-)
  • Don't worry about who's cutting the cord, it's not a big deal really
  • Don't worry about what we'll do with the placenta either, there's still room in my freezer, if there's any left over after making placenta prints, a placenta smoothie and encapsulating the rest.
  • Yes, Justus is still nursing, and still will after baby comes (that's why I have 2!)
  • Yes, I will make enough milk, why? want some?
It's a lot to squeeze on a t-shirt, I know, but with the size of this belly we just might be able to make it work ;-)


livesimply said...

I am excited to meet your little one whenever the time is right;)Your baby is very fortunate to be born into such a loving and caring family! Keep your spirits up and let me know if I can help out (I love cleaning other people's homes!!) Hugs to you.

Angel said...

You are too sweet. Honestly, I am embarrassed at the condition of my home at the moment. I'm the kind of gal who cleans before the cleaning lady comes LOL It drives me crazy cause it looks like I haven't cleaned in weeks and honestly it was only 2 days ago I did a major house cleaning *sigh* Imagine what it's like AFTER baby comes when I'm not going to be on top of anyone!!! LOL I've made up a binder for when baby comes, this way if you come over I can give it to you and you can put the not-so-little ones to work! LOL Would you be willing to do that? Cause, I think they'd listen to you!!! This way I can have some peace of mind that more than just the surface is getting taken care of! :-) I could probably use your help before then too... just to get one good cleaning in, I'd love the company!

the platts said...

I bet you could market that t-shirt! I love it! You go girl!!