Friday, April 3, 2009

You know you're a Pregasaurus Rex when...

  • 1/3 of your belly is sticking out of ALL of your maternity clothes.
  • You're walking down the stairs and realize your belly is leading the way.
  • People look surprised when they see you again and you're still pregnant!
  • Your husband takes one look at you and tries to hold up your belly as you walk, thanks Sweetie :-)
  • You sit down and no longer have a lap to hold your other children.
  • You're at yoga class and your instructor asks you to point your feet forward and all you can do is guess that they already are cause you can't see them!
  • You start making noises when walking that sound eerily similar to those your MIL makes *shivers*
  • You waddle everywhere you go, not because you can't walk straight but because there's no room for that drop of pee sitting in your bladder!
  • You 're cooking something on the stove top and don't even notice you're belly's burning.
  • You're willing to go without whatever it is you want that's on another floor (*way* too much effort!)
  • And finally, you can't WAIT till the cold weather is over because your coat(s) no longer zip up!!!
Yes, I'm poking fun at myself here, but I can do that because... well... it's funny! I love my big ol' belly. Every time I find out I'm pregnant I hope for a big belly :-) It doesn't last forever and it's fun while it lasts. The last month does seem to carry some special challenges with it, though. Trying to pee in the middle of the night has become rather difficult. I wake up with so much pain in my pubic bone that NOTHING seems to help, and it makes for a very interesting walk to the bathroom :-S I can barely walk straight and there have been several times I've nearly tipped over from the sharp pain felt when I take a step. JOY!

It's all good. I'm still feeling sexy and that's all that counts ;-)


livesimply said...

You are so cute pregnant! Have you done the belly mask yet? What about the pics? So exciting:)

Angel said...

Thanks :-)

I haven't done a belly cast yet, not sure if I will. I'd like to, just not sure how important it is this time around. hmm. It sure was nice to do one with Justus.

As for pics. This is one I *have* to do, but the kind of pics I want (nakey and tasteful) are not the kind I'm comfortable having someone besides Ivan take. So I'm thinking Ivan will have to become an overnight photographer, which shouldn't be hard considering he recently bought that very expensive professional camera ;-) I'd also love to have some done in Sunnidale park when spring shows her beautiful colors... we'll see!

the_witty_knitter said...

You look beautiful pregnant! I had to laugh at your list as I remember being there :) I love every aspect too and really relish the time that I get to enjoy every bit :D

Angel said...

ain't that the truth! People look at me funny when I say how much I'll miss it when it's over.